Lorena Caprile

Our Company

Before entering to our page, and start knowing everything about our bags, the different modells, quality and truthfull, Lorena Caprile wants you to know...

Each bag is guarantee of good taste.
Eeach bag we design, is made with the best materials, even with those that you can´t see

Our confections are 100% handcrafted.
confectioned by the most careful and experient hands.
We offer guarantee of long duration and resistance, Each Lorena Caprile bags made with love.
We propose you to get emotional moments, we want yo be present on those moments when you feel you don´t need anything more.

Our Show Room is located in 3014 Centenario Av. You can arrange a visit by calling 094.254544 or by email lcaprile@lorenacaprile.com.uy